Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gesture Drawing - Week Eleven

This set is coming in a bit late as I already finished Mark's class this past tuesday...these are actually from last week.
Our model was a busty, muscular warrior lady...kinda tired of the warrior theme, so as you can see I took a stab at story sketches doing my best to deviate from it.

Such as this gothic swordstress (that a word?)
A ninja...
A trojan...
A warrior...of rock (?)Cowboys/girls were warriors too...
Momentarily revisiting Maggie Kobayashi...a character I created for Rad's Story Development class last Fall. Memories!And heeere commme the onessss!

And something a little Frazetta-esque I realize (sorry dude)
Week twelve should be up in a couple days

It's been a busy few weeks since starting Futurama, so aside from all the gesture drawing going up lately, I've got some new content brewing for the blog I think y'all will enjoy... so look forward to that...when it's done...which'll be soon...promise! :P


  1. Looks like Pitt pens? I really like the vacuum picture and the cowgirl too. The movement with the baseball girl is awesome.

  2. Love the ninja. Love the cow-girl. Love the Frazetta-esque chick. Such efficient lines. YOU need to teach a class sir!

  3. I liked your Maggie story, did you ever do a comic for the new Flight series with her?