Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gesture Drawing - Week Ten

A rushed lil' update from Mark's class.

Nothin fancy here - cheap ballpoint pen, some brushes, simple paper, blurry pics. Wish I had more time to update this, but alas...>_<

Allowed myself a good amount of story sketches. Some weeks I can do em like crazy, some I can't do a single if only it were just a tap of drawing I could turn off and on...that'd be somethin' :P

Good ol' Jawless


  1. sweet stuff! nice seeing you do yo' magic in class, too. :)

  2. so good, so GOOD, SO F-in GOOD!!

    hey i thought you gonna do put some "atmoshperic" touches on that one comp? do it.

  3. I've been trying the brush pen&ink thing. It's so easy to over-work for me. You did it nicely though!

  4. Thanks guys & gal!

    Fawn - I just did a bunch more using brush pens today...I think I like using them most now. I'll be posting those prolly tomorrow, but ya I definitely try to take the simplest approach.