Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Something Dumb I Did Vol. 1

The Ratatat Show, 2006.

In college I discovered the band Ratatat, and from that day on I was never the same. I was obsessed - I bought every album, owned every single, saw every show that I could.

They had a power over me.

So I bought a ticket to a headlining show in Hollywood at the Music Box.
The only problem I had with their shows, however, was that I could never get into their opening acts. For me, no one was good enough to stand alongside them.
This night was no exception.
I waited...I endured. Whatever it took until my favorite band took the stage.It wasn't the first time I stood through the entire set, holding my spot at the front.
But this time, something different happened....To say I was starstruck would be an understatement.Because OH ---- MY ---- GOD ---- there they were ---- just backstage, and enjoying the show.Held captive by an opener I'd long since given up on, I could do little else but STARE...so I STARED.
...and I STARED......and I STARED......and I STARED......and I STARED some more, without realizing that, up in the front, standing 6'4", directly in front of open stage and blinding bright lights I had at that moment become the most conspicuous object imaginable.Ya, it was pretty dumb.



  1. Hahaha, I remember you talking about this before! That star-struck facial expression totally made my morning. Awesome story!

  2. aww haha i love this! starstruck stu!

  3. awwww adorable...in other news, good job wearing the bands shirt at their show yah nerd! ;)

  4. LOL! That was awesome and hilarious!!! I like your pink cheeks.

  5. Megan - Glad I could be of service lol - thanks!

    Carrie - Yayyy

    Nate - I'm TELLIN you bro, super-nerd-status! X)

    Jennie - lol thanks duddde :D

  6. Haha, this makes me so happy! We've all been there, Stu! XD

  7. JEALOUS! Although if it happened to me I might have screamed... out of fear... or love? Maybe both hahaha

  8. ...and then you took out our embarassment on all the 14 year old girls at the Rooney concert.

    I literally LOL'd at this, good job!

  9. There is no shame in super-fandom. Adore, adore...and never be ashamed!

  10. Jean - Truth!

    Rico - I screamed on the inside - and it was both :P

    Alma - If those little kids didn't wanna get stepped on, they shouldn't have tried moshing at a pop-rock concert lolz. What was I doing there again??

    Anthony - That's what I'm talkin' about!

  11. Nice work man. Great story and art as usual.
    Can't wait to read Vol. II.

  12. Dude this is super cool! I can totally relate. I never really liked their openers. Did you ever see them when this guy who called himself "Panther" opened up for them. He was basically that guy you drew up there. I also go to Meet Mike Stroud when they played at the glasshouse In Pomona. He was super drunk and mumbled nonsense to me and my girlfriend at the time. He is hands down one of my favorite guitarists though. I also have a crazy ratata storie. But mine is pretty explicit and not appropriate to illustrate :). Great work Stu!

  13. Hahahah freakin Panther - that guy was unbelievable...yet he came back to open so many times. I might have been at that very show you mention in Pomona - that was where my first Ratatat show was and still to this day probably the best. I'd love to hear your Ratatat story haha everyone seems to have one, I've found :P