Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gesture Drawing - Weeks Six and Eight

Whew! You go camping and miss a few classes and you just never wanna get around to putting your drawings back up...it's what happened to me, but all that's behind us now. Here's some more sketches from Mark's Gesture Drawing Class:

Week Eight

trying something new:messin' arounnnnd:

Week Six, definitely not one of my strongest weeks.
Tough model too, very thin :P
A few story sketches managed to find their way in here...

Drawn from my latest obsession...Like whoa

New drawings soon!


  1. These are great! As someone who is in the same class, I always enjoy seeing these posts as our time (and space) for crits is rarely enough for my tastes. Your posts let me see all the great ones I missed in class.

    Really dig the simple, blocked-in, one sided coloring/shading examples.

    See you tonight for some more drawing!

  2. Megan - Thanks duude!

    Clarke - Thank you so much. I'm sorry I missed you in the last class...let's chat next time! :)