Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life Drawing for Animation demoz

UPDATE -- This post was featured earlier by Bryan Lee O'Malley himself as well as Drawn!  Wasn't expecting this, but I guess I'll be sharing more of my demos from now on!   -Stu


Hey guys

So I've been teaching at CalArts for about a month now, about time I share some stuff.

This being my teaching debut, each class has included its fair share of experimentation on my part.  Above all, what's worked best for me are the storyboard-demos I open each class with, following a 25-30 minute gesture warmup.

Some random anatomy stuff (bones, muscles, joints) the students also keep as a printout for ref.: 


But I'm more concerned with how the parts move together, and how they are used practically as tools of expression -- maybe the most experimental part of the demos:

Talkin' about legs/feet and how they can express attitudes on their own:

Oh, and I did a stroke-by-stroke demo 2 weeks ago that included how I typically draw w/ gesture:

Just this week, I wrapped my demo with some work by other artists whose works are in coherence with the class' goals.  Loved putting this part together:

I have a feeling these demos will be completelyyy different in the coming weeks, but I look forward to sharing!



  1. OH MAN! These are so golden. Wish I'm attending calarts so i can take ur class. AWESOME as always!

  2. Nice, dude! This stuff all looks great :) Looks like teaching really suits you!

  3. Sounds fantastic! I want to take a class, haha!

  4. Since I'm not a student at CalArts, it looks like I'll definitely have to be looking at your guides for reference/inspiration :)

  5. ivan -- thanks dude!

    carrie -- I hope so...I still feel pretty green, but I like it! :)

    annie -- thank you!

    jennifer -- Haha I'll share what I can definitely :)

  6. fantastic! please come teach at sheridan :)

  7. These are really great! Thanks for posting these.

  8. Yes! Thanks so much for putting these up. :)

  9. You're welcome JK! Just completed a huge deadline just yesterday, so I should be posting more in the coming days/weeks. :)