Thursday, October 18, 2012

CalArts Class -- Tools of Expression

Hey guys!

This post is arriving a little late, just some more class stuff...

Just some sketches to remind students of that straight-curve rhythm, how it occurs in the torso.  Keeping in mind the squash & stretch that occurs...the key is really feeling that pressure & putting that feeling into the gesture.

one of the key points of the first half of the class is looking at the arms, legs and head as Tools of Expression.

Because all the parts work together to say something thru body language and gesture, I broke each part down to show how the parts themselves say something on their own.

Arms can say a lot emotionally.  Look at the poses, then the arms on their own.  Think about what the arms are saying on their own, and how much that contributes the attitude of the pose (a generous amount, typically).

Going in the opposite direction, you can really imagine what the rest of the pose is going to be with clear expressive arms, especially the third example here:

Legs are different.  Because they have the big job of holding our bodies up, they can't say as much emotionally, but can say a lot about action/intention as well as strength/confidence in the pose.

There's something of a parallel in that regard to the neck, like a little body on a little leg haha.

Yet even more stuff soon!

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  1. I'm learning a lot with your advices, thank you!