Sunday, February 12, 2012

"For Alexandria" - an FFIX fancomic

Now it's no secret I'm a huge nerd, so enjoy this story I did for Zac Gorman's Final Fantasy IX anthology, the Tantalus Theater Review (release TBA).


Growing up on the Final Fantasy series had a big impact on me creatively, and FFIX was no exception.  First hearing about the project, I was instantly inspired to come up with something.  As it usually goes, however, what started as a quick project for fun turned into something much more serious and time consuming.  Despite that, I had a ton of fun writing/drawing/coloring the story and I hope you enjoy reading it (whether you've played the original game or not)!

...and to anyone curious who hasn't, I've provided a short list of referential notes after the jump!


PS: Huge thanks to Nate, James, Kat, and Deb for their help with color-flats!


Beatrix - "For Alexandria's" main character.  In FFIX, she's a young general and a prominently featured supporting character.

Steiner - The injured soldier who retrieved Save the Queen, and (in the original game) a knight captain and one of the story's main characters.

"Lady Garnet" - Mentioned by the Colonel on page 5, the 16 year old Princess of Alexandria and one of FFIX's main characters.

**It's also worth mentioning, the final page was drawn directly from a scene in the original game itself, an attack on Alexandria, which can be viewed here.