Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warmups from work

I found these story-warmups earlier today...I think I did them in September? August? Something I started but, as you can see, didn't keep it up for very long. :P

The only thing I can remember about 'em is I had one song per picture I'd just listen to on repeat til the picture was done. And also, to anyone who's curious, doing full-color pieces in ToonBoom Storyboard Pro?...huge hassle, but it can pay off!

"Who's Theme" by Minmi

"Old Soul Song (For the New World Order)" by Bright Eyes (particularly everything after 2:40)

"Electricity" by The Avalanches

Should I continue doing these? I should. :)



  1. oooh I like these a lot! I agree, keep going! :D

  2. These are really nice, Stu! Haha, after looking at that last panel, the Ghostbusters song popped into my head.

  3. Carrie - Thanks, I think I will! (new script, laxer schedule)

    Megan - Naah that song's too cool for me :P

  4. I'm liking "Electricity" by The Avalanches, what type of music is this?!

    oh yah the drawings are purty tight