Monday, December 12, 2011

One Thing at a Time!

A month ago, I posted inks to a new comic I'm doing - more specifically, a short I'm doing for Zac Gorman's upcoming FFIX zine, "The Tantalus Theater Review!" Following some big deadlines at work, I'm happy to be jumping back into color. Here are the same panels I posted as B&W inks way back...

And a bonus panel!:
The story should be totally done by Christmas - as for the zine itself, that's TBA! :)



  1. Dude, the second panel! Looks rad, cool to see it come all the way to the end.
    Also, just for everyone wanting to know dialog, the second panel says, "Quit clapping with that LED in your hand, I'm trying to read a bedtime story.", "Oooookaaayy".

  2. Nate -- haha I gotta have you write my comics...or you could just do another Mosquito story and I can "ghost-draw" it. That means you draw it and I put my name on it :)

    Megan -- Pshaww thanks! :)

    Kali -- so hot.

    Rico -- 8-D!

  3. Save the queen! Can't wait to see your contribution to the ffix lore :D

  4. wow that looks great stu! cant wait to see the finish :D