Friday, June 15, 2012

Jazz Band - The Curve Line Quintet

Man what a fun night.  Went out for tacos here in Eagle Rock (My new home since a week and a half ago), and discovered a jazz band, The Curve Line Quintet, playing in a custom-framing shop across the street.  I felt compelled to draw them and, long story short, I'm glad I followed that impulse.  It was as simple as opening the door and asking if I can hang out and draw and so there I sat as they rehearsed.

It was something else sharing with and vibing off of these musicians in such a small and intimate setting.  Super's what I did!:


 Tim - Guitar

 David - Bass

 Javier - Saxophone

 Kamara (sp?) - Keys

  Yuri - Drums

Make sure to catch 'em June 22 - next Friday at 9pm for their next live set!




  1. Great stuff man! Seems like you're adjusting well to living in the valley of the hipsters. Now go eat a red velvet cupcake at Auntie Em's kitchen! They are Stu sized!