Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Table is set!

My very first mini comic "The Table" is done!
This mini-anthology, my first foray into the realm of autobio comics, tells several stories about my close group of friends and me, and the embarrassing, ultranerdy adventures we shared growing up in Bakersfield, CA. Drop by the FLIGHT Comics booth (#2235) where I'll be signin' & sellin'!

Here's a little sneak peek!:

It was a joy putting this book together, thinking back on those memories, and also an interesting challenge creatively picking the events I feel I could share with the readers who were never there or never met me or the other members of The Table.

Big thanks also to Vera for her printing advice, and her amazing minicomic that inspired me to make The Table!

...ALSO FLIGHT 8 is in stores!

I don't have a story in this year's volume, but come to the booth to meet several of the amazinggg creators who WERE involved in bringing together the bittersweet final volume of this great series! :D


PS: If you were wondering about the lack of recent updates, there's yer answer :P


  1. Oh man, that looks awesome, Stu! I will definitely pick one up...if there are any left by the time I get there ;)

  2. Wow! Can't wait to see this!

  3. Seriously...don't let them sell out before Saturday...or hide me a copy and I'll buy it when I get there.