Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gesture Drawing - Week One

This term I'm back in Mark Macdonnell's Gesture Drawing class offered at the Animation Guild. One of the most invaluable classes I've ever taken, I decided to take it again to brush up on my gesture skills - finding the form/essence/story in the pose: one of my favorite things.

Here's a few sketches:

Started with a few quick observational gestures to warm up (2 minutes)

After loosening up a bit, I took a stab at some story sketches (2-3 minutes)

Finally, cooled down with some more observational sketches. Here you can actually see what the model looked like when she changed her costume...lingerie, leggings and a caution tape nest hat. By this point she had taken off the gas mask already O_O



  1. oooo nice and loose! Looks awesome :D

  2. Really awesome Stu! Keep posting these in the future they are very inspirational!

  3. Francesco - THANKS MAN

    Carrie & Megan - Gracias senoritas!

    Chris - Thanks so much, I definitely will keep posting these :D

  4. Damn I wish I could have gotten into that class. :\

  5. nice! really like the 2nd to last post. good having you back in class!